J&J Training for trainers workshop

A new course designed by Dr Philippe Grange in conjunction with the European Surgical Institute (ESI) in Hamburg, Germany and fully customized for Nairobi Surgical Skills Centre (NSSC) faculty.
The Nairobi Surgical Skills Centre has now been open for a hugely successful 24 months. In this time, it has built a network of experienced surgeons in Kenya who have become lead faculty for their surgical specialties and developed an extremely strong curriculum, training over 750 healthcare practitioners from all across Sub Saharan Africa.
As NSSC looks towards the next 24 months, it is important to undergo continuous improvement reviews, by reflecting on past successes and learnings, and to enable and empower the surgical training team.
One of the exercises requires some brainstorming…Susan Wakarugi leads
Philippe demonstrates the four stages of competence
This workshop represented a fantastic opportunity to build on existing trainers’ talent and motivation to develop further educational understanding and was developed in collaboration between Dr Philippe Grange, ESI, NSSC, University of Nairobi, J&J MISSA and Phillips Healthcare.
Dr Kaisha experiments with three mobile phones for teaching lap skills
Over 3 days Dr Grange facilitated several exciting and dynamic sessions for 33 NSSC trainers from various surgical specialties, and including nursing, infection control and anaesthesiology. The course is a modified version of a traditional Train the Trainer course and adds significant value to the trainers’ capacity to deliver effective education during each interaction with trainees.
Philippe demonstrates the four stages of teaching
A selection of feedback from the attendees:
‘We learn with each other, from each other and for each other’
‘Empowered with our teaching skills’
‘Mental training is an emerging interest’
‘Create an effective learning atmosphere’
‘Be interactive’
As NSSC continues to deliver world class training programmes, and we are committed to innovating in all we do; this course is a great step in this direction. Each education interaction is becoming more and more valuable therefore we need to ensure that each teaching opportunity is as effective as possible.
A massive thank you to Philippe and Astrid & Christiane at ESI for developing this course for us, and the entire NSSC team for their active participation in another fantastic MISSA Education event.
The course represents Our Credo commitments
On Day 4 we were fortunate to be joined by the entire NSSC and J&J Kenya teams; Philippe ran a customized session to empower the team with additional training capabilities that could be utilised in presentations, in-service training, one to one customer meetings, in fact, any education interaction!
Again, there was a high level of energy and activity, and a great deal of learning that can be used in day to day activity with customers, ultimately helping to make the sales team more effective in their interactions. Thanks again Philippe!
Donald offers an alternative version of the four stages of learning:
What? Ahaa! Wow! Oops!
Stephen Murray
Professional Education Manager