Open Colorectal Course Testimonial

I attended the Postgraduate Open Colorectal Course on 25th – 26th April 2013. The experience was very fulfilling for me. The course was well organized and the lecturers were highly competent. In addition the center has a wet lab with excellent equipment providing an enabling environment for all course participants. From the course I learnt how to use stapling devices. Some of the devices were new to me, in particular the PPH stapling gun. The course enabled me to learn not only how to use the device but the whole procedure for hemorrhoids. From this knowledge, I have been able to offer this service to several of our patients immediately after the course with excellent post-operative results.

The course is organized with a few participants and this enabled each one of us to get adequate time with the lecturers thus ensuring a complete understanding of the subject matter. In addition there were participants from the neighbouring countries enabling a rich interaction between participants. In this way we got to learn the challenges they face and how they mitigate these challenges.

Based on the above, I would encourage more colleagues to participate in the course and other similar courses offered by Nairobi Surgical Skills Center. I would also be honoured to attend other courses held by the organization to enable me further enhance my surgical skills.


Dr. Mark Karanja Tharao

Department of Surgery

Aga Khan University hospital